Tuesday, January 31, 2006

fast track to Cebu

So my mom drops the bomb earlier:

"we're going to Cebu tomorrow".

Uh, ok....

this being my response after telling me, of course. My mind is racing. I'm not really sure what to do when i get to Cebu, or if i should even go. But hey, paid vacatiion, lots of sightseeing (the euphoria will probably last until day 2)and a chance to get some pics :-) Cons? I don't know anybody there.

Hmmm...oh well. Maybe i'll just soak up the sun. weh.

Will update later on how the "trip" is going. hahaha.

Conan O'Brien speaks out!

Commencement Speech to the Havard Class of 2000
by Conan O'Brien

I'd like to thank the Class Marshals for inviting me here today. The last time I was invited to Harvard it cost me $110,000, so you'll forgive me if I'm a bit suspicious. I'd like to announce up front that I have one goal this afternoon: to be half as funny as tomorrow's Commencement Speaker, Moral Philosopher and Economist, Amartya Sen. Must get more laughs than seminal wage/price theoretician.

Students of the Harvard Class of 2000, fifteen years ago I sat where you sit now and I thought exactly what you are now thinking: What's going to happen to me? Will I find my place in the world? Am I really graduating a virgin? I still have 24 hours and my roommate's Mom is hot. I swear she was checking me out. Being here today is very special for me. I miss this place. I especially miss Harvard Square - it's so unique. No where else in the world will you find a man with a turban wearing a Red Sox jacket and working in a lesbian bookstore. Hey, I'm just glad my dad's working.

It's particularly sweet for me to be here today because when I graduated, I wanted very badly to be a Class Day Speaker. Unfortunately, my speech was rejected. So, if you'll indulge me, I'd like to read a portion of that speech from fifteen years ago:

"Fellow students, as we sit here today listening to that classic Ah-ha tune which will definitely stand the test of time, I would like to make several predictions about what the future will hold: I believe that one day a simple Governor from a small Southern state will rise to the highest office in the land. He will lack political skill, but will lead on the sheer strength of his moral authority. I believe that Justice will prevail and, one day, the Berlin Wall will crumble, uniting East and West Berlin forever under Communist rule. I believe that one day, a high speed network of interconnected computers will spring up world-wide, so enriching people that they will lose their interest in idle chit chat and pornography. And finally, I believe that one day I will have a television show on a major network, seen by millions of people a night, which I will use to re-enact crimes and help catch at-large criminals. And then there's some stuff about the death of Wall Street which I don't think we need to get into...."

The point is that, although you see me as a celebrity, a member of the cultural elite, a kind of demigod, I was actually a student here once much like you. I came here in the fall of 1981 and lived in Holworthy. I was, without exaggeration, the ugliest picture in the Freshman Face book. When Harvard asked me for a picture the previous summer, I thought it was just for their records, so I literally jogged in the August heat to a passport photo office and sat for a morgue photo. To make matters worse, when the Face Book came out they put my picture next to Catherine Oxenberg, a stunning blonde actress who was accepted to the class of '85 but decided to defer admission so she could join the cast of "Dynasty." My photo would have looked bad on any page, but next to Catherine Oxenberg, I looked like a mackerel that had been in a car accident. You see, in those days I was six feet four inches tall and I weighed 150 pounds. Recently, I had some structural engineers run those numbers into a computer model and, according to the computer, I collapsed in 1987, killing hundreds in Taiwan.

After freshman year I moved to Mather House. Mather House, incidentally, was designed by the same firm that built Hitler's bunker. In fact, if Hitler had conducted the war from Mather House, he'd have shot himself a year earlier. 1985 seems like a long time ago now. When I had my Class Day, you students would have been seven years old. Seven years old. Do you know what that means? Back then I could have beaten any of you in a fight. And I mean bad. It would be no contest. If any one here has a time machine, seriously, let's get it on, I will whip your seven year old butt. When I was here, they sold diapers at the Coop that said "Harvard Class of 2000." At the time, it was kind of a joke, but now I realize you wore those diapers. How embarrassing for you. A lot has happened in fifteen years. When you think about it, we come from completely different worlds. When I graduated, we watched movies starring Tom Cruise and listened to music by Madonna. I come from a time when we huddled around our TV sets and watched "The Cosby Show" on NBC, never imagining that there would one day be a show called "Cosby" on CBS. In 1985 we drove cars with driver's side airbags, but if you told us that one day there'd be passenger side airbags, we'd have burned you for witchcraft.

But of course, I think there is some common ground between us. I remember well the great uncertainty of this day. Many of you are justifiably nervous about leaving the safe, comfortable world of Harvard Yard and hurling yourself headlong into the cold, harsh world of Harvard Grad School, a plum job at your father's firm, or a year abroad with a gold Amex card and then a plum job in your father's firm. But let me assure you that the knowledge you've gained here at Harvard is a precious gift that will never leave you. Take it from me, your education is yours to keep forever. Why, many of you have read the Merchant of Florence, and that will inspire you when you travel to the island of Spain. Your knowledge of that problem they had with those people in Russia, or that guy in South America-you know, that guy-will enrich you for the rest of your life.

There is also sadness today, a feeling of loss that you're leaving Harvard forever. Well, let me assure you that you never really leave Harvard. The Harvard Fundraising Committee will be on your ass until the day you die. Right now, a member of the Alumni Association is at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery shaking down the corpse of Henry Adams. They heard he had a brass toe ring and they aims to get it. Imagine: These people just raised 2.5 billion dollars and they only got through the B's in the alumni directory. Here's how it works. Your phone rings, usually after a big meal when you're tired and most vulnerable. A voice asks you for money. Knowing they just raised 2.5 billion dollars you ask, "What do you need it for?" Then there's a long pause and the voice on the other end of the line says, "We don't need it, we just want it." It's chilling.

What else can you expect? Let me see, by your applause, who here wrote a thesis. (APPLAUSE) A lot of hard work, a lot of your blood went into that thesis... and no one is ever going to care. I wrote a thesis: Literary Progeria in the works of Flannery O'Connor and William Faulkner. Let's just say that, during my discussions with Pauly Shore, it doesn't come up much. For three years after graduation I kept my thesis in the glove compartment of my car so I could show it to a policeman in case I was pulled over. (ACT OUT) License, registration, cultural exploration of the Man Child in the Sound and the Fury...

So what can you expect out there in the real world? Let me tell you. As you leave these gates and re-enter society, one thing is certain: Everyone out there is going to hate you. Never tell anyone in a roadside diner that you went to Harvard. In most situations the correct response to where did you to school is, "School? Why, I never had much in the way of book larnin' and such." Then, get in your BMW and get the hell out of there.

You see, you're in for a lifetime of "And you went to Harvard?" Accidentally give the wrong amount of change in a transaction and it's, "And you went to Harvard?" Ask the guy at the hardware store how these jumper cables work and hear, "And you went to Harvard?" Forget just once that your underwear goes inside your pants and it's "and you went to Harvard." Get your head stuck in your niece's dollhouse because you wanted to see what it was like to be a giant and it's "Uncle Conan, you went to Harvard!?"

But to really know what's in store for you after Harvard, I have to tell you what happened to me after graduation. I'm going to tell you my story because, first of all, my perspective may give many of you hope, and, secondly, it's an amazing rush to stand in front of six thousand people and talk about yourself.

After graduating in May, I moved to Los Angeles and got a three week contract at a small cable show. I got a $380 a month apartment and bought a 1977 Isuzu Opel, a car Isuzu only manufactured for a year because they found out that, technically, it's not a car. Here's a quick tip, graduates: no four cylinder vehicle should have a racing stripe. I worked at that show for over a year, feeling pretty good about myself, when one day they told me they were letting me go. I was fired and, I hadn't saved a lot of money. I tried to get another job in television but I couldn't find one.

So, with nowhere else to turn, I went to a temp agency and filled out a questionnaire. I made damn sure they knew I had been to Harvard and that I expected the very best treatment. And so, the next day, I was sent to the Santa Monica branch of Wilson's House of Suede and Leather. When you have a Harvard degree and you're working at Wilson's House of Suede and Leather, you are haunted by the ghostly images of your classmates who chose Graduate School. You see their faces everywhere: in coffee cups, in fish tanks, and they're always laughing at you as you stack suede shirts no man, in good conscience, would ever wear. I tried a lot of things during this period: acting in corporate infomercials, serving drinks in a non-equity theatre, I even took a job entertaining at a seven year olds' birthday party. In desperate need of work, I put together some sketches and scored a job at the fledgling Fox Network as a writer and performer for a new show called "The Wilton North Report." I was finally on a network and really excited. The producer told me the show was going to revolutionize television. And, in a way, it did. The show was so hated and did so badly that when, four weeks later, news of its cancellation was announced to the Fox affiliates, they burst into applause.

Eventually, though, I got a huge break. I had submitted, along with my writing partner, a batch of sketches to Saturday Night Live and, after a year and a half, they read it and gave us a two week tryout. The two weeks turned into two seasons and I felt successful. Successful enough to write a TV pilot for an original sitcom and, when the network decided to make it, I left Saturday Night Live. This TV show was going to be groundbreaking. It was going to resurrect the career of TV's Batman, Adam West. It was going to be a comedy without a laugh track or a studio audience. It was going to change all the rules. And here's what happened: When the pilot aired it was the second lowest-rated television show of all time. It's tied with a test pattern they show in Nova Scotia.

So, I was 28 and, once again, I had no job. I had good writing credits in New York, but I was filled with disappointment and didn't know what to do next. I started smelling suede on my fingertips. And that's when The Simpsons saved me. I got a job there and started writing episodes about Springfield getting a Monorail and Homer going to College. I was finally putting my Harvard education to good use, writing dialogue for a man who's so stupid that in one episode he forgot to make his own heart beat. Life was good.

And then, an insane, inexplicable opportunity came my way . A chance to audition for host of the new Late Night Show. I took the opportunity seriously but, at the same time, I had the relaxed confidence of someone who knew he had no real shot. I couldn't fear losing a great job I had never had. And, I think that attitude made the difference. I'll never forget being in the Simpson's recording basement that morning when the phone rang. It was for me. My car was blocking a fire lane. But a week later I got another call: I got the job.

So, this was undeniably the it: the truly life-altering break I had always dreamed of. And, I went to work. I gathered all my funny friends and poured all my years of comedy experience into building that show over the summer, gathering the talent and figuring out the sensibility. We debuted on September 13, 1993 and I was happy with our effort. I felt like I had seized the moment and put my very best foot forward. And this is what the most respected and widely read television critic, Tom Shales, wrote in the Washington Post: "O'Brien is a living collage of annoying nervous habits. He giggles and titters, jiggles about and fiddles with his cuffs. He had dark, beady little eyes like a rabbit. He's one of the whitest white men ever. O'Brien is a switch on the guest who won't leave: he's the host who should never have come. Let the Late show with Conan O'Brien become the late, Late Show and may the host return to Conan O'Blivion whence he came." There's more but it gets kind of mean.

Needless to say, I took a lot of criticism, some of it deserved, some of it excessive. And it hurt like you wouldn't believe. But I'm telling you all this for a reason. I've had a lot of success and I've had a lot of failure. I've looked good and I've looked bad. I've been praised and I've been criticized. But my mistakes have been necessary. Except for Wilson's House of Suede and Leather. That was just stupid.

I've dwelled on my failures today because, as graduates of Harvard, your biggest liability is your need to succeed. Your need to always find yourself on the sweet side of the bell curve. Because success is a lot like a bright, white tuxedo. You feel terrific when you get it, but then you're desperately afraid of getting it dirty, of spoiling it in any way.

I left the cocoon of Harvard, I left the cocoon of Saturday Night Live, I left the cocoon of The Simpsons. And each time it was bruising and tumultuous. And yet, every failure was freeing, and today I'm as nostalgic for the bad as I am for the good.

So, that's what I wish for all of you: the bad as well as the good. Fall down, make a mess, break something occasionally. And remember that the story is never over. If it's all right, I'd like to read a little something from just this year: "Somehow, Conan O'Brien has transformed himself into the brightest star in the Late Night firmament. His comedy is the gold standard and Conan himself is not only the quickest and most inventive wit of his generation, but quite possible the greatest host ever."

Ladies and Gentlemen, Class of 2000, I wrote that this morning, as proof that, when all else fails, there's always delusion.

I'll go now, to make bigger mistakes and to embarrass this fine institution even more. But let me leave you with one last thought: If you can laugh at yourself loud and hard every time you fall, people will think you're drunk.

Thank you.

Monday, January 30, 2006


Zsa zsa Zaturna lives!

+ + +

I have high hopes for February. Hmmm.... is this good?

Sunday, January 29, 2006

pre-dagyang antics

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I'm too partied out to write anything. :-P

Saturday, January 28, 2006


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and they say we're a couple... LOL

Friday, January 27, 2006

happy thoughts

Good friends / reunions / late night calls (booty and otherwise) / BigSkyMind!!! / coffee and conversations / dinners with great company / late night walks / rainy talks and wine at 3am / movie watching / Makati trippin' / the search for the elusive hand bag! / dinner parties that end with jellos / catching up in the wee hours before my flight ...

It's so good to be visiting Manila.

+ + +

Ps. I love your emails. They were put me in a happy mood. Ciudate

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Recently browsed over fellow inkies' sites. Wow, found this and i was so surprised! LOL!!! i miss INK! Jovan, pano ba magbayad ng membership fee, ha??

from SuperLuwi's files


It's weird. I guess i've never been good at timing.

In a few hours i'll be heading to Manila for a few days. It's funny i was always thinking of heading back ASAP, but never for the reason i have now. Turns out i got to clear an AWOL status in my dear old alma mater (that's for skipping the LOA slip!argh) in order to get a TOR. Geez. All this red tape... I just hope all goes well. Not only that, i'm leaving in the middle of all these deadlines which, for some reason, cropped up at the end of the month. Hmmm...i guess life can throw some pretty oddball challenges one way or another. Then again, living this "dangerously" was always part of my routine. hahaha. (fact is, nothing i ever planned ever really went through the way i want it)

So it's going to be an eventful number of days, hopefully i can squeeze in a coffee date with the girls, some catch up with old friends, maybe a new connection or two and iron out some more details about upcoming projects :-P

Hmmm. man, i need to straighten out my plans before Feb comes in...

+ + +

I love receiving pictures in the (e)mail!!! happy <3 <3

+ + +

Sunday, January 22, 2006


Having a Perfect time on the 10th round, Manny proves to everyone that anybody can be a winner. :-)

+ + +

Wow, after this giddiness, i dunno what to do next! :-P

+ + +


In a few hours, the Philippines' Manny "Pac-Man" Pacquaio will be hitting it off with Erik Morales, his opponent from last year's match. It's a re-match, one that is eagerly awaited by both Filipinos, Mexicans and die-hard boxing fans all over. It's gonna start at around 9PM US time, so since it's live, it's gonna be shown here around 10am. I remember the last time i saw Manny fight.

It was around the same time last year, and my then-boyfriend and i actually woke up early to see it. It was a sunday like this one (it's a saturday fight), and since he had no tv in his apartment, we scoured around Katipunan to find a tv that had cable so we can watch it. It was actually some surreal experience of sorts, given the fact that it was a) a sunday, and i woke up EARLY (hahahah), b) we were actually WALKING around a couple of blocks just trying to find a resto/bar that was open at 8am and had a tv with the sports channel on. We managed to secure ourselves a place in a grill bar which had terrible food but a big ass tv. Sadly, we found out that due to satellite problems, they were airing it a few hours LATER. :-P I remember thinking, i love Pacquaio and my country, but this is bull sh*t. I wanna go to sleep.

Thankfully, another friend who was also into boxing gave us the heads up to spend the afternoon at his place to watch the fight. We ended up not watching it, but hearing it on the radio, which had a faster access to the fight (Manny lost, sadly). At this point i was able to catch some zzz's and well, despite the loss, felt that the day accounted for something. The moral of this story? Well, nothing really, except, better make sure you have access to cable tv if you're planning to watch something that's as hard to watch as this.

So another year's passed and here i am again, awake at the crack of dawn and scanning the schedule to check out the fight. The boyfriend is gone, the cable tv's at my grasp, and yes, i am awake this early, so this rematch might be interesting...after all, it is Pacquaio.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

craving for...

craving for...
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i want my vitamin water!!!!

faerie wishes

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Friday, January 20, 2006

relate (d)

Reading through my friends' blogs, i see this and i am, well, enlightened. haha. Perhaps there is a rainbow's end to this soul-searching.

+ + +

Finally done with part one of my project! whoo-hoo! :-) *dances for joy* NOw if only i can finish that darn paper... :-P

+ + +

pics,pics,pics!:-) *bunnie is happee*

Thursday, January 19, 2006


In 2046, they say that if you have a secret, you either dig a hole and whisper your secret to it so it will not be found out. Perhaps a hole in the wall will do too...whatever it is, it is your secret holder. it is your dream catcher.

+ + +

I used to have that, my secret holder. He'd give me a smile and just listen. He'd not say anything,just listen. I tell him my fears, my thoughts, my doubts, my happiness. Though he won't say anything, just having him hear me out made me feel a lot better. Just like that hole in the wall that kept all those secrets, never giving them away.
My dream catcher.

+ + +

Shout outs

Querido, your emails light up my day! :-)

+ + +

Happy birthday to Archie and Berg! Hope you guys have a good one... ;-)

+ + +

Philweavers' MBD is coming up this february. Are you going?

+ + +

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Just can't get enough of House --- and i'm so ecstatic to find out they won a Golden Globe tonight! :-) yey!!!!

+ + +

I just don't know why i'm so perky tonight. Maybe it's the fact that for the first time since i got here, i was awake for the day --- went to the gym, had breakfast with my mom and brother, did my errands, went to the doctor and got to chill. Or maybe it's the lack of sleep i have in my system (40 hours and going...)

+ + +

For everything that's happened so far this year, i can't really say i've been much of a people person...so far, i can count the number of people i can safely say "i hang out with" on a semi-regular basis, and amazingly, these include family members. Ahhhgh. I dunno if this is the sign of the apocalypse or just plain seclusion. *sigh*

+ + +

Met some old classmates earlier. Wow, everybody seems to be joining the "diploma mill of nursing" bandwagon --- not that i'm saying that these are not capable of being excellent nurses, but seems like everybody i know is taking up that course just because it's the one that can earn a lot of money (and get you out of here). Sure i'm all for that, but what ever happened to doing what you love or do best??? *sigh* Maybe i'm just too much of an idealist after all.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

deadline central

In barely two weeks i'm supposed to have lost 15lbs. I'm not even close to my goal :-P pfffft.

+ + +

My right hand is bruised from tennis. I blame it on bad grips and my incessant need to be better than my folks at this (i'm not). So now, i semi-painfully type my frustrations into this blog. Dammit, i can't even type my article properly! :-P

The good news though is that i have a ready excuse for being so poor at tennis. Hahaha.

+ + +

...and we'll all float on okay

Smile Like You Mean it
The Killers

Save some face
You know you've only got one
Change your ways
While you're young
Boy one day you'll be a man
Oh girl he'll help you understand

Smile like you mean it
Smile like you mean it

Looking back
At sunsets on the eastside
We lost track
Of the time
Aren't what they used to be
Some things
Sat by so carelessly

Smile like you mean it
Smile like you mean it

And someone is calling my name
From the back of the restaurant
And some one is playing a game
In the house that I grew up in
And someone will drive her around
Down the same streets that I did
On the same streets that I did

Smile like you mean it
Smile like you mean it
Smile like you mean it
Smile like you mean it

Oh no
Oh no no no
Oh no
Oh no no no.

Monday, January 16, 2006

insomnia rants

I lay awake watching marathons of Nip/Tuck to keep me sane. Somehow, i am glued to medical dramas/comedies these days, although i swore to myself not to get attached to them --- i truly am a sucker for punishment, aren't i? :-P

It's amazing how life is really. One day you're all together, the next, you're just a statistic waiting to be plugged out. (WTF!???!) These ramblings are just evidence of how bizaare life is for me right now --- my sleep timetable is shot, i have no schedule or priorities whatsoever, and everything else is just passing me by. I'm facing the fact that pressure is getting to me (if not already in my system) and with it went my sanity. Lord, give me some sort of clue on what to do please...


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Top ten things about Me

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Wanderlust junkie!

  1. Michelangelo finished his great statue of wanderlust junkie in 1504, after eighteen months work.

  2. Wanderlust junkie can jump up to sixteen times her own height.

  3. Wanderlust junkie was named after Wanderlust junkie the taxi driver in Frank Capra's 'It's a Wonderful Life'.

  4. If you lie on your back with your legs stretched it is impossible to sink in wanderlust junkie!

  5. Cats use their wanderlust junkie to test whether a space is large enough for them to fit through!

  6. Wanderlust junkie invented the wheel in the fourth millennium BC!

  7. Wanderlust junkieology is the study of wanderlust junkie!

  8. Marie Antoinette never said 'let them eat cake' - this is a mistranslation of 'let them eat wanderlust junkie'.

  9. If every star in the Milky Way was a grain of salt they would fill wanderlust junkie!

  10. Carnivorous animals will not eat another animal that has been hit by wanderlust junkie.

I am interested in - do tell me about

The Angel and the Devil

angel and devil
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Taken last Halloween by my cousin. My first halloween and i get to wear my devil's hair! yay! My cousin Justin does a real good angel when he wants to.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

who's older?

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"family portrait" --- LOL. Dammit, i should have drank more milk growing up! :-P

On the brighter side, i think being the only girl in the family gave me more benefits than my two brothers combined. Haha!


Nothing wakes you up like a fight early in the morning. *sigh* I'm getting too old for this sh*t.

+ + +

Another email to light up my day! (Thanks i really needed that -- besos muneca!) It's strange how the wonderful world of the internet can bring you closer to a person without having to do anything but type a few words in. Ahh, technology...

+ + +

Sometimes i wonder if i should talk to you. *sigh*

Friday, January 13, 2006

lusting for...

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oooh, yummy.
happy friday the 13th everyone!

it's friday...

...once again! And yup, i'm up as always (so damn early if you ask me). Just finished some revisions on a project which looks promising (yehey!).

Last night (yeah, technically) had thursday night with the gals @ Al Dente. After dinner with the folks, had some fun chatting and catching up with the gals and finally got the whole thursday club started! Coffee galore, some good chow and getting to know our new german galpals Julie and Stephanie made the night pretty fun and exciting. Topped off the night having a drink or two at Shellsyd with Zsa, Anne, Donna and Jojo. Ahh, ce'st la vie...

+ + +

Happy bunnie strikes again! I'm lovin' the emails i'm getting so far. *sigh* Mababaw man, masaya naman. Like what Donna said, count your blessings. Having great friendships are truly a blessing, and making new ones are definitely nice too! :-)

This year is definitely looking bright ;-) Let's just hope this is just the beginning...

+ + +

Onga pala, Happy birthday Julius and Jomike!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

it's thursday, baby!

Messages so sweet
Simple lines to tickle me
and make me smile
like crazy
It's thursday, baby!

+ + +

No tennis today. I think i hurt my arm playing an extra two hours yesterday. *sigh* i will regret the binge. Yes i am regretting it already.

+ + +

I remember the pancakes by the beach. Do you? We ate them for breakfast. Those little pancakes that they smeared strawberry jam on and placed cut little bananas so we'd roll them up and eat them. Yummy.

Banana Pancakes. Hmmm.

+ + +

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

midweek blahs

Sometimes you just wonder if everything in life is pre-destined.

+ + +

A friend of mine is going to North Carolina for a few weeks come the weekend. It's all expenses paid and work-related, but he gets to visit Washington D.C. for a few days. Lucky Bastard. Then again, he did promise to buy me my supply of beauty stuff (yey!).

+ + +

Horoscope: There's temptation to fall back on an old habit. Remember, you stopped for a reason!

Oh joy.

+ + +

I drown my blahs by reading psychicpants' interesting translations of my fave Eheads songs. Idol ko talaga! :-)

+ + +

Dinagyang is coming up sooner than i expected. Hmmm. I do hope things will be jumpin' a bit.

Plus, Feb is so close!!! Malaysia, here i come!!! :-D

+ + +

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

fun (in more ways than one)

Be curious. Like, i wonder how buko pandan flavored toothpaste would taste like.

+ + +

Explore your creative side. Make a comic strip.

+ + +

Be discerning with calls. It's weird fielding interesting offers in the middle of the night...coffee dates, chickas, booty calls (WTF!?) and transatlantic text messages.

+ + +

Write. Like that essay i STILL have to finish....

Sunday, January 08, 2006


The late night milkshake+espresso drink kept me up till the wee hours of the morning (I swear, even if the latte tastes that sweet and milky, i will NOT repeat the experience --- well, perhaps in an earlier time, not say, 11pm). My cousin provided good company depsite weird calls from the pasts (his problem) and bizaare text messages (mine). Ahh, Saturday night into the early light....

+ + +

Lunch at Breakthrough. The fact that i woke up before 11am is a call for celebration. The family and i (plus cuzin Thirdy) head to lunch by the sea. Ahh, the smell of food in the morning! Haven't had that in a while... it was all good fun though.

+ + +

Tennis at 5 made me realize that you have GOT to have a "power song" to keep you focused. Slammed the ball to the tune of The Killers in my head. Ahh, nice. My forehadn was nice (said the coach) but i gotta work on my backhand. *sigh* oh well. Can't win them all. After all, it's the first day of rally. :-P

+ + +

Post dinner coffee with the bro and cuz at the usual --- Starmart Molo! The only place where late night coffee is not frowned at and you don't rush the caffeine intake. Thank God for small miracles! We chat about zombie plots, weird phone calls and text messages and music (In my head the Killers still reign supreme). A good thing to top off the night.

Now if i can only get started on that other essay, i'll be off to a good start of the coming week! Hmmm......


feeling philanthropist ba?
ano akala mo sa sarili mo,
God's gift to women?!!
such arrogance to say
that you are "helping"
my plight
If you want it just say so
why the pretense of being helpful?
yours is not the first offer
i've heard
plain and simple

late night galtalk

messages of lost loves
missed encounters
sexual escapades
themind is reeling with opportunity
lost and found
what is it about saturday
that makes you talk like this
with friends?
it's liberating
to speak out
free your mind
be not repressed
by such conventions
no inebriation to make
as an excuse
just the honest opinion
that comes out
secured by the trust
that you don't breach

all hail gal talk

LSS on a saturday night

Mr. Brightside
The Killers

Coming out of my cage
And I've been doing just fine
Gotta gotta be down
Because I want it all

It started out with a kiss
How did it end up like this?
It was only a kiss
It was only a kiss

Now I'm falling asleep
And she's calling a cab
While he's having a smoke
And she's taking a drag

Now they're going to bed
And my stomach is sick
And its all in my head
But she's touching his chest now

He takes off her dress now
Let me go
And I just can't look its killing me
And taking control

Jealousy turning saints into the sea
Swimming through sick lullabye
Choking on your alibis
But its just the price I pay
Destiny is calling me
Open up my eager eyes
'Cos I'm Mr Brightside

(Twice, then...)

I never
I never
I never
I never

+ + +

Somebody Told Me
The Killers

Breaking my back just to know your name
Seventeen tracks and I've had it with this game
I'm breaking my back just to know your name
But heaven aint close in a place like this
Anything goes but don't blink you might miss

'Cos heaven aint close in a place like this
I said heaven aint close in a place like this
Bring it back down bring it back down tonight
Never thought I'd let a rumour ruin my moonlight

But somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend
That I had in february of last year
Its not confidential
I've got potential

Ready lets roll onto something new
Taking its toll that I'm leaving without you
'Cos heaven aint close in a place like this
I said heaven aint close in a place like this
Bring it back down bring it back down tonight
Never thought I'd let a rumour ruin my moonlight

Well somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend
that I had in february of last year
Its not confidential
I've got potential
A rushin a rushin around

Pace yourself from me (from me)
I said maybe baby please (please)
But I just don't know now (maybe baby)
When all I wanna do is try

But somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend
that I had in february of last year
Its not confidential
I've got potential
A rushin a rushin around

But somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend
that I had in february of last year
Its not confidential
I've got potential
A rushin a rushin around

Somebody told me you had a boyfriend who looked like a girlfriend
that I had in february of last year
Its not confidential
I've got potential
A rushin a rushin around.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

and they say 2006 isn't all that...

For those born in the year of Monkey
I will place this year at 8 on a scale of 1-10 and this year hold a promise of prosperity and happiness. Your social life will be active and you will develop new relationships and contacts. April, August and December will be the high points in this year. You may monkey with the tiger and this may bring a new challenge in your life. (www.hindustantimes.com)

+ + +

Friday, January 06, 2006


snatch letters
whisper secrets
share a smile or two
you tell me sweet nothings
that make me smile and blush
besos muneca

shared stories
cameos on webcams
you are carinoso
yet speak of romance like it was nil
cynical, you and i

tell me carino
why do you utter
these words
to make me melt?
you are too young to
settle down
i am too cynical
to believe you

though your words
give me comfort
and your empty promises
make me smile
all the same
we continue to dance

night owl thoughts

I see you. Invisible to the world but not to me.

+ + +

The night is my escape into what i used to be. Here i can rant, and write and search and create. In this hour i can be myself. I have become once again the creature of the night.

I wonder if people in the 19th century had problems with insomnia.How did they deal with it without all that technology? Hmmm.

+ + +

I'm reminded of the movie CLOSER. God. I hate that movie for the sole reason that it made me feel emotions i do not want to feel again.

+ + +

Thursday, January 05, 2006


Hindi ako kumuha ng medicine kasi ayoko maging doktor.

Hindi ako nag-Law kasi marami nang abogado sa mundo. Ayoko maging isa pang statistic.

Hindi ko pinasok ang sining dahil "in" sya.

Alam ko na ang pera ay nasa pagiging doktor at pagiging abogado. Pero hindi ko pinasok ito dahil ayoko. Ayoko maging isang tao na ang tanging dahilan lang sa trabaho ay pera. Hindi ako pinalaki na ang halaga ng buhay ay nasa pera.

Ang halaga ng buhay ay sa pagiging totoo sa iyong sarili.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

worth reading

ni Paolo Manalo

Di na iinom
Ng tubig, kakain na lang ng yelo.

Magke-care-giver in four gives.
Mangfa-five-six ng nang-wa-one-two-three.
Manghe-hello ng call center rep.
Manggu-good time sa bad trip.

Magpaparebond, magpapaputi
Ng uwak at isasali ito sa Starstruck.
Mananalo pagkat walang talent,
Mataas lang ang mga pangarap.

Sa wrong timing, sasalisi.
Sa mga bulag magpapapitik.
Magpapasipa sa pilay,
Mananabunot ng kalbo.
Magpapa-land ng flying kiss
Sa iyong pisngi, sabay daplis.

Hindi na, di na talaga!
Past tense na ang love:
Minahal kasi, expensive na.

Si, senor!

You Should Learn Spanish

For you, learning a language is about career advancement and communication.
Knowing Spanish will bring you tons of possiblities for jobs and travel. Bárbaro!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


This title just invites a "de frag and the princess" joke. *sigh*

Been debugging my computer for the past few hours. Argh. I hate dem malwares. Argh. No amount of housecalls and anti-virus can seem to get rid of them. Shit. Somebody help me out here.

+ + +

I have a terrible backhand but my forehand is pretty good, according to my instructor. Oh well, at leasti have good form. hahaha. Maybe i can finally play. Tennis is fun. Then again, it's only fun when you have somebody else to play with.

No wonder i'm not much into contact sports. You're too dependent on somebody else to have fun.

+ + +

Today i made stickers. Yey! i can finally pollute ILoilo with lotsa urban faerie stuff. Look out world! :-D For free stickers/postcards, email me yer snail mail address. :-) cheers!!!

The start of the year....

It's officially the start of the new year for working people. For me, let's just say it's another day in strangeland. I still can't get used to the idea of being home. Literally.

+ + +

New Year's was uneventful. Dinner with family, tv watching by the time the fireworks were done. Stayed up till 5am this time. My body clock will never function the same way again. Spent the time texting acquaintances and good friends. Hit and miss with the signal here. *haaay*

+ + +

Listening to good ole' OPM makes one melancholy about the past. Eheads, you rock, as always.

At least i've crossed out one item off my list. :-) Next....

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Originally uploaded by bunnie_lette.
some galtalk, coffee/dinner, a night out and lotsa laughs and reminscing. Thanks for another interesting night girls! :-) Kudos to the gals who made this possible!
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